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A work in progress. 

This is a simple application to create a V-tuber using multiple images that change depending on if there is sound coming through the microphone.

This project was created as a learning experience and I cannot guarantee I will be able to fix any bugs that you might come across. It works well on my PC and my older macbook pro (2012), however I've had issues getting another macbook to allow microphone permissions (but this might be an issue with that computer). 

It currently has no way of switching input devices. It uses the system default device.

to create a voice-tuber:

  1.  click the "New" button and input a name.
  2.  click on the "add frame" button to create a new empty frame. 
  3.  use the "load file" button to load a .png or .jpg into the frame. It will scale the uploaded images up or down to the set dimensions along the top panel. 
  4.  if the image has transparency, you can change the background color using the paint bucket button. 
  5. add up to 6 frames plus a blink frame. you do not have to use all 6 frames or the blink frames. 
  6. you can preview the animations by clicking the "preview" button. The preview will cycle through talking and idle animations and doesn't use the microphone input. 
  7. when you are ready to use your voice-tuber, click the "start" button. The window will change to the specified size and the character should switch between idle and talking animations when there is audio input through the microphone. Use the sliders that appear in the overlay when hovering over the window to adjust the mic threshold and animation delay between talking and idle. 

created using the Godot game engine.

1.0.1 changes:

  • added a blink timer slider.
  • fixed (I hope) a bug that caused the frame to freeze on blink.
  • temporarily removed the ability to have a transparent background. The transparency could caused the app to crash. Working on a fix, but it seems to be a bug with Godot maybe.
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, v-tuber


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OLD_voice_tuber_macOS_v1-0-0.zip 14 MB
OLD_voice_tuber_win10_v1-0-0.zip 13 MB


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what do I do after it downloads

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First: I would LOVE to use this software, but I have an issue with it and my audio interface.

My audio interface only sends sound from a mic on one channel which doesn't trigger Voice Tuber. When I connect my second XLR mic at the same time to output L and R channel it works. Since I can't change my interface to give out mono, could there be an option to read downmixed mono input?

hi! could you make different profiles for expresions? like angry talking or happy talking (and they also get idle versions)

the instructions were kind of unclear. a friend recommended this to me and said it was free, but it says i have to pay. can someone please help me?

It is free. There is a link says "No thanks, just take me to the downloads". 

Just click that

ah thank you :>

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I love this app so much! Didn't use it for gaming or anything, but rather, this was a good app for my free time hobby, stream typing!

I just use stereo mix as my default mic and a digital mechanical keyboard app so my character types as well! :)

Super simple and easy to understand, not to mention that this is free too 😭❤

can you help me with it??? my brain doesnt do well with reading a lot and i cant understand a lot of it that well

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I don't know if I write too much but I tried :))

  1. Open Voice Tuber app
  2.  Click Add frame on Idle section
  3.  Click Load file, "Open a File" window will appear
  4.  Find the close mouth image for your character
  5.  Click Add frame on Talking section
  6.  Again, click Load file, "Open a File" window will appear
  7.  Find the open mouth image for your character

It should look like this:

I added blink frame. I did not add blink frame in Talking section. 
Ps. my character does not speak, it types. Hopefully you understand what I am trying to say lol

Be sure to have at least 3 of these images:

  • Idle/Stare
  • Blink/Closed eyes
  • Open mouth

You can test it on "Preview" to see if the frame runs properly. 

Click "Start" will open to a new window and it will respond to your mic.

Good luck!

okay i get all of that but i dont get actually making the pics themselves how do i do that?


As I said before, you need at least these 3:

  • Idle/Stare
  • Blink/Closed eyes
  • Open mouth

I make my sprites with Aseprite, but you can also try any other art/editing apps that are free like Grafx, Paint, Krita, Medibang. You can look up for it :)

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I love this a lot! but I've run into a problem when trying to play games with my xbox controller? whenever i press the "B" button it makes voicetuber goes into edit mode? It's rlly frustrating because i'm also not even clicked onto that window and I don't know how to fix it. Also it's specifically an xbox 360 wired controller that I'm using with my PC.

It's pretty cool ! But I have a problem , when I use it it turn back into edit mode on this own every 2-5 minutes and It's very annoying when It does that when I'm streaming .
Is there something I am not understanding ? 

That is not intended. I have not run into this bug myself. Are you on PC or Mac? I can look into it but I can't make any promises that i can fix it.

Hey ! Thanks for the reply !
I'm on PC ! 

Well done! This is great! Is there anyway to check the mic input levels in the application or see what input it is using? I can't make it work even with the threshold at the most sensitive. (On Mac Big Sur)

This is probably what you mentioned in the description, sorry, a closer reading and now I see you had issues with newer macs!

super cute and simple!! but when i use it, the image freezes on one frame after 5-10 seconds and i have to restart it to get it to work again. any suggestions?

I can try to look into this. I haven't run into this bug at all so i'm glad you brought it up!

I just updated my macbook and tested the app again and now it seems to crash when trying to exit out of the character window...so there are still some bugs to work out for sure.

I think I found the problem! It seems to freeze on a blinking frame when it tries to blink while already blinking. I'll upload a new version sometime in the next few days and hope that fixes the same issue you are having!


This is thing is awesome! I'm so excited to use it on my twitch stream.  I know you said you likely wont get to bug fixing, but it would be great to have a slider for the blink frequency. I sort of love the old-school creepy Sierra blinks but it can look like my avatar has something in their eye. 


Thanks! blinking time was something I was planning to include so when I come back to this project I will add that feature

Impressively simple to use


I'm not sure I'll have an occasion to use this but I hope to!

This is truly cute and seems easy to use


It... it works! This is so simple, and so cool! 

(╯✧▽✧)╯ Thank you so much for making this.